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Jeff Pitchell

Jeff Pitchell
Interview with Jeff Pitchell

So Jeff, you told me you got started playing the guitar
because your dad and uncle played all the time when
you were growing up? Tell me more. Well my dad
played guitar and music was always in the house. I
started when I was ten years old and never stopped.

What or who were the major influences on you when
you first started? I started listening to J. Giels and BB
King. Plus the beatles of course.

You seem to pack the house every time that I go and
see you, what do you attribute your popularity to? We
try to put on a good show and the band is made up of
some great musicians. But our selection of music and
our style makes us a great band to go out and dance too.

You told me that your choice of music is influenced by
some of the greats that you have played with.  Could
you name a few of the artists and the songs that you
choose.  Bad Company, J Giels, Dickie Betts and many
others. Can’t get enough of your love, Midnight Rider
are just a few examples. Playing with those guys was so
much fun.

You have produced a number of CD’s , which is your
favorite and why?  American Girls was my favorite. It
was so much fun to make and the songs reflected that.

Of all your songs that you play, Mustang Sally seems
to be your signature song, the crowd always sings along.
That must make you feel good. Yes it is very satisfying
when the audience responds to a song the way they do.
We love our fans and they sing along with vigor everytime
we play it.

Your band and you have been together for a while now.
That must make for a tighter sound. How did you meet
these guys?






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